Deploy Clavister NetWall virtual on Proxmox VE

Software used:

  • Proxmox VE 6.1-5
  • Clavister NetWall 13.00

Start by downloading the KVM install package from and upload this to the PVE storage.

Next is all done via CLI as root. Make sure to get an available VM ID.

  1. # qm create <VMID> –bootdisk scsi0
  2. # qm importdisk <VMID> /var/lib/vz/template/iso/cos-core- local-lvm
  3. # qm set <VMID> –scsi0 local-lvm:vm-<VMID>-disk-0

Now you can add the network adapters and set CPU / RAM in the PVE GUI. After this you should be able to start the virtual NetWall. Use correct bridge and VirtOI as device.

If the interfaces are not shown after starting up CosCore, you can use the following to make them available.

# pciscan -ethernet
# pciscan -cfupdate

When they are installed, you can start assigning IP addresses using the CLI:

# set Address IP4Address if1_ip Address=x.x.x.x
# set Address IP4Address if1_net Address=x.x.x.x/xx
# activate
# commit

When the IP has been set, you can go to the GUI and start configuring there.

Download bash script